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خلدا ,خلف المدارس الإنجليزية, قرب اشارات البنك العربي
cloudless chiledhood for a promising future.
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Zaha Cultural Center courses

Zaha Cultural Center for Children holds many useful courses that help develop children's minds, for ages from 6 to 16 years

Intellectual and Creative Courses

Zaha Cultural Centres aim to provide children with opportunities for creativity that allow them to e..

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Music and performing Arts Courses

Zaha Centres aim at embracing the young talents to spread cultural and artistic awareness through es..

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Courses in the Academy for Artistic Creativty

Zaha Cultural Centres aim to conduct courses for women in the local community that would enable them..

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Courses in the Academy for Artistic Creativty

Zaha Cultural Centres aim to conduct courses for women in the local community that would enable them..

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Karameesh Room Courses

Zaha Cultural Centres conduct courses for children aged 3-5 to develop their creative imagination, f..

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Sports Courses


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The center provides its services free of charge to children and provides many programs, activities and services that motivate them to develop and innovate


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My dear good-hearted and open-handed Mrs. Zaha Jardaneh Minko, all the love. I highly appreciate and value your kind initiative and honest wish to appoint me the Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board at Zaha Cultural Centre. You overwhelmed me with your noble feelings and trust in me. This centre was built with your major support to develop children’s abilities mentally, physically and emotionally in our dear country, stemming from the belief that children are the foundation in the construction of the righteous and effective society of our dreams. I was fortunate and honoured to be a part of a number of important educational and cultural activities organized and produced by the centre during the past 15 years of its journey towards forming the individual in our country. The centre has become one of the most important child-related centres. I ask God to help us serve our beloved Jordan. I wish Zaha Cultural Centre further progress to be able to benefit more children all around Jordan. God bless his Majesty King Abdullah the Second. God bless you all. 4/2/2013

رئيس مجلس الاشراف مركز زها الثقافي

سمو الاميرة عالية الطباع

Zaha Cultural Centre was built upon the donation of Mrs. Zaha Jurdaneh Minko out of her belief that children are the foundation of our society. She aimed for a centre that motivates children to look for their identity, discover their potentials and boost their creativity through providing them with an interactive environment fit for them and with extracurricular activities full of challenge and innovation. Mrs. Zaha is still the primary sponsor of the centre through her endless support and donation.

رئيس مجلس أدارة مؤسسة زها جردانة

السيدة زها جردانة منكو

عطوفة رانيا صبيح التي كانت من المؤسسين لمركز زها لثقافي ايمانا منها بقدرة جيل الشباب بتغير فكر الافراد و المؤسسات عن القطاعات الحكومية لتتميز في الاداء و القيادة الانشاء مؤسسة هادفة لتنمية مهارطفال ايمانا منها بجيل واعد في المستقبل .

مديرة مراكز زها الثقافية

Rania subaieh